Newborn Tips


  • Both parents should actively interact with the baby

  • Play peek-a-boo and help you baby engage, and play with you

  • Lay your baby on his tummy when he is awake and put toys near him

  • Encourage your baby to lift his head by holding toys at eye level in front of him

  • Hold a toy or a rattle above your baby’s head and encourage her/him to reach for it

  • Hold your baby upright with his feet on the floor

  • Hold and talk to your baby, smile and be cheerful

  • Set steady routines for sleeping and feeding

  • Pay close attention to what your baby likes and dislikes.

  • Copy your baby’s sounds

  • Act excited and smile when your baby makes sounds

  • Have quiet play times when you read and sing to your baby

  • Give toys to play with, such as rattles or colourful pictures

  • Play games such as peek-a-boo

  • Provide safe opportunities for your baby to reach for toys and explore the surroundings

  • Toys you can make for your baby: A Gourd rattle, a bottle rattle, squeeze toys

To make a gourd rattle: Find a small gourd, cut a round hole at the stem and clean out the seeds and flesh. Let it dry out well and put 2 or more small rocks or other objects inside. Find a stick the size of the whole and glue it to the gourd.

To make a bottle rattle: Take a plastic bottle or equivalent receptacle. Insert nuts, stones, or colorful strips cut from other plastic bottles. Insert a stick into the bottle, and wrap a ring with strips of cloth.

Squeeze toys: Trace and enlarge various patterns on a fabric. Cut out two pieces for each pattern. Sew the edges and stuff with wool, beans or candy wrappers. Sew the ends. You can also cut out the figure of a doll and stuff it.