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Relationship Questions, Answered

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Can I get pregnant from kissing?

NO, you cannot get pregnant from just kissing. Pregnancy can only occur if sperm is ejaculated in or near the vagina.

How does pregnancy happen? 1) An egg (the female sex cell) must be released during ovulation, and 2) it must be fertilized by a sperm (the male sex cell).

When a guy and a girl have unprotected vaginal sex, semen is released into the vagina. Semen is the white, sticky fluid that contains millions of sperm that comes out when a guy ejaculates. From there, the sperm then swims into the fallopian tubes. If the girl has recently ovulated (released an egg from one of her two ovaries), then the sperm can join with the egg. When the sperm and egg join, it is called fertilization.


Is an older, richer partner really risky?

YES. Being in a relationship with an older and richer man is very risky, because that means you might have less power. With an imbalance of power, you’re less likely to have control to make your own choices. Relationships, in their best form, are equal and respectful.

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What is informed consent?

Informed consent means voluntarily agreeing to sexual activity with the knowledge of what is being offered. It’s the individual’s right to decide whether he or she wants to engage in sexual activity. When sex is forced, or both parties haven't given consent, the ethics of sex are called into question. Forced sex can have long-term physical and mental repercussions that are hard to predict. Unfortunately, teens are having unwanted sexual experiences at increasing rates.

If you know someone who has been forced into unwanted sex, they need your support now more than ever. Listening is a good start. Encourage them to speak to a doctor or nurse so that they can have any necessary medical help. Telling an adult you trust is another positive step to take.


My friends do drugs. Will recreational drugs actually hurt me?

YES. Teens who abuse drugs are at a greater risk of developing a lifelong addiction. On top of that, it's NOT A GOOD IDEA to do drugs while your brain is still developing. Drugs can negatively affect your life for a long time, and possibly permanently. Think twice before joining your friends. If it’s not possible to spend time with them without doing drugs, it is probably best for you to consider meeting new friends or starting new hobbies.

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